10+ Animal Photos That Couldn’t Be Timed Better

Capturing the perfect moments in time is one of the rarest moments which mostly depends on luck. You may be the best photographer ever, but sometimes all you need is to be in right place at the right moment.
Here we have collected these animal photos that couldn’t be timed better. If you feel trapped these days, take a look at these little friends. I make sure that these photos which contains laugh out loud moments. Scroll down to see and share with your friends!

#1. “Flat mode”

#2. “Rawr!”

#3. When life gives you curves, flaunt them!

#4. When someone in the background steals all the attention:

#5. That’s what we call a true recreation.

#6. “High five, bro!”

#7. Just a small pup against the power of nature

#8. The master of hiding

#9. A dolphin showing an albatross how to get some air

#10. “My friend’s cat can’t wait to meet the vet.”

#11. A Hollywood smile

#12. “I have a question, sir!”

#13. The look of surprise on the fish’s face as an osprey plucks it from the water

#14. A photographer worked with this beaver for 2 weeks hiding apple slices in his camera to get this shot.

#15. “I put my cat on a cover that looks just like him.”

#16. “The exact moment the chicken stole her ice cream”

#17. Nose up!

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