10+ dogs who excelled in the art of disguise

Dogs are the finest camouflages in the world. They can hide in such a way that the owner will never find them. Therefore, they get away with all the pranks, and the culprits of the disorder are always blamed on cats or hamsters. These dogs are real geniuses of disguise and champions of hide and seek. Any spy will envy their ability to blend in with the terrain.

For example, this shepherd dog. At first glance, it is even impossible to find her in the frame.

The boxer has skillfully merged with the flower. You can’t tell from him for anything.

Interesting muzzle.

This is how ninja school is trained.

Someone who lives on the shelf? Yes, he gnaws all the notebooks?

“Master, you won’t believe it. I went up to sniff, and the kaaaak flower will grab my nose … “

There used to be a chicken in this place.

“Master, find me. You’ll never guess where I am. ”

Before you is a subspecies of the ostrich, which is called “indoor”. He learned to hide his head in pillows.

Hidden in fallen leaves.

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