11+ birds with a discouraging appearance – nature has tried

As you know, birds descended from dinosaurs, adopted a number of predatory habits from those, acquired feathers and became almost rulers of the living world. And the ruler can do anything, including fancy clothes. So they went to great lengths, who in what garazd, so much so that we are still surprised.

Monogamy helps American coots survive in a difficult world

The huge red throat pouch is the hallmark of a magnificent frigate that helps to conquer the female

Red ibis because red because everywhere is red

Red-chested brilliant-tailed hummingbird

The hatchet is a bad flyer, it accelerates slowly. But it is able to rise higher than many other birds.

The maned pigeon is beautiful, but weak, it is frankly afraid of predators and it would be better to fly to a desert island to build a nest

There is no such animal that will not become the diet for the stork-billed kingfisher!

Vulture guinea fowl, inhabitant of the arid African plains

Ibis, and even bald – Asian bird

Black and scarlet flower girl – endemic to the Hawaiian Islands

The bird, nicknamed astrapia, has a tail length of one meter!

The lyrebird has a beautiful tail and voice – he is an excellent parodist.

Taiwan pheasant

Little egret, or chepura-need

Tiger bittern

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