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11+ funny situations in which two sides appear – food and pets that are stuck

For example, here is a cow, which, through the efforts of breeders, can now produce 10 liters of milk per day on grass alone. Or a horse that was taught to eat high-calorie oats, which her ancestors could not do. Many pets habitually demonstrate the loss of wild animal instincts, in particular, they do not chase after food. But not cats with dogs, which seem to be accustomed to humans and constant feeding, but still strive to steal someone else’s piece. A few are better, which leads to curiosities.

It’s time for someone to lose weight

The greed of the frayer ruined

Didn’t you add food? I’ll get it myself!

Climbed up, fulfilled the dream of all cats, dabbled in food. What’s next?

It’s just that the head is stuck in the bank, it’s a matter of everyday life

Have you seen how the rabbit cleans out the leftovers from the jar?

It is forbidden, it is strictly forbidden to leave animals near the food

This is not the first time the rabbit is picked out from there, and she keeps climbing and climbing

It takes a cat about 5 minutes to forget the previous sad experience and again get stuck with a muzzle in a bag of chips

He has done something wrong and is so afraid of it that he does not even try to free himself.

So big, strong, skillful, and in the same place – stuck and asks for help! Shame!

These boxes are specially designed as traps for those pets that climb there without the knowledge of the owners.

The yoghurt was delicious, but listening to ridicule from future colleagues in the service is a shame

An independent warrior’s gaze: this one does not admit guilt, even dying in battle!

They are so cute that you don’t want to swear. But it is necessary, it is necessary to instill at least some kind of education!

Faster! The doggie can get scratched!