11+ pets that blend in with their surroundings so that even their owners can’t see them

If you suddenly cannot find your pet in the apartment, do not panic. You know that in the wild, animals hide, merging with the environment? Well, pets also have this incredible ability. They know how to disappear, using blankets, rugs, chairs and even fruits for this. And some manage to do it so skillfully that you have to try very hard to find them!

My rug suddenly has a tail

The new tile turned out to be a surprise

I chose a new tile for the kitchen, I just really liked the way it looks. I didn’t realize how much my dog ​​fits this pattern until I started stumbling over it all the time.

They gave me a cat, but I immediately lost it

We’ll have to hide to lie on the master’s couch

You won’t see it right away, but there really is a cat in the photo.

A little chihuahua hid somewhere here

Named the cat after her super ability

My cat’s name is Ghillie. You can see why.

My cats are arranged strictly according to colors

Where does the dog end and the rug begin?

Rabbit and his favorite blanket

The moment when a chair suddenly looks at you

And again the insidious veil

I can’t even count how many times I almost sat on my cat.


A colleague has a dog that is not visible on a walk

The cat appreciated the color of the new bedding

How many avocados do you see?

Under this photo, users unanimously agreed that the owner simply must name the parrot Avocado!

Wait, he was definitely here somewhere

Did you see the dog? Now find another one

As you can see, pets can blend in with the environment just like wild animals!


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