11+ photos of cats, cats and kittens that don’t need a reason to look at them

If there is something that unites people around the world, regardless of country and age, it is photos of cats, cats and kittens! After all, pussies are ready to entertain their people at least every day, and pictures of their fun can bring joy not only to the owners themselves, but also to people on the other side of the world. After all, what could be better than cats? Only a lot of cats!

1. The size of some cats can be described as “impressive”

I’m not saying that our cat was big, but here he is on Google Earth.

The owner of this cat said that his pet was not only a big boy, but also a bully. Once he drove out two foxes from the site!

2. “I took a cute photo of two kittens I took from the shelter.”

3. “We took a kitten. He seems to have adapted very well. “

4. “The nimbus has changed in a year”

5. A glass of black semi-fluffy, please!

6. “Somehow I have three almost identical cats.”

7. “My cat Oladushka has a heart-shaped spot”

8. Watermelons are serious business

This is a cat named Zhemchuzhina – he helps his owners, and at the same time pleases netizens with his extremely evil look.

9. Game – find a cat

10. “My husband set up a tunnel for our cats – and this is a hit among the neighbors.”

11. “Fools”

12. This kitty clearly loves to lie down in unusual places.

13. Now this cat is especially dangerous!

14. “Elvis loves his hammock by the window.”

15. “A year has passed”

16. The cat grew up with the owner

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