11+ photos that prove that when a cat appears in the house, you will never have to be bored there again

When a person is going to have a cat, he usually draws the most idyllic pictures in his head: here the cat is sleeping peacefully on the owner’s lap, but happily runs to greet him from work … But when a fluffy pet finally appears in the house, it suddenly turns out that everything is not quite so and life will not be the same now, but it will become much more fun! Either the cat strives to climb into the closet, then he wants to evaluate a new palette of shadows or taste the master’s dinner. You never know what he will do the next moment – but you certainly won’t get bored!

My cat somehow unlocked the phone and took a selfie

Cosmetics manufacturers should adopt this pattern.

Caught my cat watching gifs

Our cat decided that this was his new bench, and yells every time you try to make coffee

It turned out that my cat is wildly worried when I go to take a bathroom

Now every wash I do starts with bringing a chair for a cat to the bathroom.

I had to seal all the lockers with duct tape to save them from this plunderer

It seems that now it is better to collect your hair in a ponytail …

Every time I just sat down on the sofa

Working in such conditions is literally difficult.

My cat almost stopped eating and started hiding. I thought he was sick and took him to the vet

The vet examined him, checked his blood tests and said, “I think your cat is depressed because he couldn’t beat the neighbor’s cat in a fight.”

For some reason, he jumped into the organizer and began to complain that he could not get back

It is interesting for my cat to play with a toy only if he is holding it himself

But now I don’t have to cook alone

Doesn’t understand why we watch TV and not at it

My cat always sits on exactly the thing that I need most now.

No, I didn’t touch these flowers

As you can see, cats are masters of fighting boredom, especially if the owner is bored!

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