11+ times when animals went over to the side of evil and spoiled people’s lives a little

Most animals are good and do not wish people harm at all, and even if they do nasty things and play naughty, it is not at all on purpose, but simply because they are bored or lonely. But there are also those who deliberately spoil people’s lives by shitting on the handles of their cars (birds, hello) or dropping flowers (special thanks to the cats for this).

“I tried to get rid of a few ants and their nests and came to this.”

Now the ants have gathered and are discussing how to get rid of you.


“The bird decided to shit exclusively on the handle of my car door”

If you look at it from the other side, then it is at least not from the driver’s side.


“To make the instant noodles better, add some rolls to them! And, most likely, a cat’s paw … “

“Mmm .. shaki-maki!”


Someone today will be left without mail

These final warning letters are getting more serious.


“My cat made a hole in the window mesh so that she can go outside without hindrance.”

“Mom! Throw off the ball! ”

“What do you mean you can’t do that?”

Just give him this damn ring already.


“It seems like I was just attacked by a bloodthirsty vampire.”

When you take pictures with someone else’s toy without permission.


“I bought a small chest at a local thrift store and I got it along with unwanted guests.”

Free spiders for free!


“My cat jumped onto the table and dropped my almost finished 1000-piece puzzle.”

It’s just that the cat saves the owner’s money, because she knows that as soon as she finishes the puzzle, she will need a new one.

“Oh, so cute! But he ate my strawberries … “

“It was very kind of you to provide snacks!”


“My dog ​​destroyed his bed. She has no fall, but a chopper! “

No, doggie, gifts are not always given when everything is white around, usually, for this they beat off the “tail”.


“The dog gnawed at my TV box. Now I won’t be able to watch TV until I buy a new one. “

The insidious plan worked, now the owner will spend more time with his dog.


“Damn squirrels! And I just got carried away with bird watching “

How about observing proteins?

The Egg Thief

When you are caught red-handed, but you pretend not to understand what is at stake.


“I sowed the lawn grass and fenced it off. But my dogs don’t seem to care. “

“Thank you, owner, excellent lawn, we think we can open it already!”


“This bastard got into my shorts and stung my manhood. It was the most painful experience of my life. “

Mischief managed! (The nail is obviously for scale)


“I was making homemade noodles and went away for a minute.”


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