11+ times when pets forced their owners out of their sleeping places, and it was brazen, but very cute

If you have pets, it’s better to accept that the rules in the house are now set by them. For example, your place on the bed is no longer yours. As soon as you get up, he will be occupied by some fluffy carcass, which will really not like it if you try to drive it away. We have collected for you cases when cats, dogs and even rabbits with chickens took their owners’ sleeping places.

1. Heckin took my place

2. He stole my heart and then my bed

3. Arriving early from school, I found a cat on her bed

4. Dad said that there would be no dogs in his car or on his bed

5. My dog ​​made my bed more comfortable … For him!

6. Fluffy impudent people have taken their place and do not repent at all!

7. The husband got out of bed literally for 30 seconds, and the puppy is already snoring in his place

8. Chloe took my place

9. Got up to put the phone on charge

I was gone for several minutes, I come back, and my dog ​​stole my seat (he also put his head on the pillow).

10. Probably, it is my own fault that they took my place.

And there was nothing to get into the bathroom!

11. It is worth walking away for a while, and your boyfriend is no longer alone in bed!

12. I usually work 10 hours a night shift, but I couldn’t bring myself to disturb the rabbit sleeping comfortably on my bed.

13. My mom wakes up early, and as soon as she gets up, Labradors take her place on the bed.

14. I woke up and found a chicken on the bed. Best morning ever!

15. My daughter decided to go to bed early, which was weird.

And when they lifted her blanket, it turned out that she was no longer the only mistress of the bed, she had illegal tenants there.

16. I was lying on my bed, leafing through Reddit, when suddenly …

Yes, pets can be awful impudent! But we still forgive them everything, because they know how to look in the eyes so that the owner’s heart melts. See for yourself!

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