12+ cases when people took their favorite pets on a trip, and they cheered up both the owners and everyone around

The most important thing for a good trip is to choose the right travel companion. What if your companion starts to get bored and complain about traffic jams? So people who take their beloved pets with them often get much more pleasure from the trip. And some passengers are just lucky, and they turn out to be neighbors of a cheerful doggie – or a much more exotic animal!

I sat next to this guy on the plane

I don’t understand why, when choosing a seat on the plane, you still cannot put a tick: “I want to sit next to the dog”!

My dog ​​found a new friend on board

In fact, penguins fly very much.

Time on the road flies by when they look at you like this

The Irish Setter did not win the show, but got a place in the first class

The cat flies to new owners thanks to the kind stewardess

My wife is a flight attendant and she spends her bonuses to transport animals from shelters to new owners. Pepper the cat is flying home today!

A fluffy lump that loves speed

Sorry, everyone was told to turn off electronic devices

The most luxurious vehicle

I had no idea that my car has a special holder for puppies.

Pilots need a cozy company too

Pea squirrel and her mistress love to travel

I am a pilot and this is the first flight with my dog

Users admire canine courage and debate whether a dog needs headphones and why they fit so well!

My cat always points out where to go

The best neighbor caught on the plane

There can be surprises in public transport

This llama is called Caesar, and together with the owner, they went to Comic Con. And yes, then Caesar was invited to a private party.

As you can see, many people manage to perfectly combine the joys of life: animals and travel!




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