12+ cute and funny photos that feathered pets also deserve their portion of admiration

We are so used to being touched by fluffy pets that it seems we have completely forgotten about birds – and this needs to be fixed urgently! Parrots can still compete with cats and dogs in terms of charm, fun and even hooligan behavior. They also pose hilariously for photos, beg for food, express their emotions, and every day find themselves in dozens of ridiculous and touching situations. And most importantly, like all pets, birds fly to their owners on the wings of love – in the most literal sense of the word. All that remains is to rejoice and admire feathered friends!

I don’t touch anything … I don’t touch!

I wonder why I live in constant fear?

This is what warm mugs are really for.

He stood like this for almost five minutes and muttered something to himself.

And all because I didn’t let him chew on my phone case!

Already resigned myself to the fact that I will never be able to photograph them normally

It’s very convenient for me too!

These four guys fly to my place for breakfast every morning.

Not only cats can do bite!

My parrot tries to do the same with my huge dogs all the time – as a result, they all fear him like the plague.

Someone here said “lunch”?

A second before the disaster …

One day I will admire myself as my parrot does

She usually sleeps on my neck and I can’t look at her

Today she suddenly fell asleep like this, and I finally saw her face in these moments. Happiness!

Would you be so kind as to give me some grains?

Parrots will be a great addition to your look

Pluses of small size – you can get comfortable everywhere

A real gentleman is always happy to show off in a new hat.


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