12+ dogs who tried to be good but failed miserably

Dogs love to be praised, stroked and treated with goodies. But it happens that they have no desire to behave even for all these pleasant things. On such days, they can gnaw out a piece of the door, steal a toy from a neighbor’s cat, and generally do something that makes you just want to scream: “Oh no, what have you done ?!” Even though you already know that you can’t be angry with this fluffy bastard for long!

Just mowed the lawn and my retriever decided to play there

Left traces of crime literally

Bravely attacked a skunk but was rebuffed

This friend decided to tease the skunk tonight, but he did not remain in debt. The dog had to be washed urgently, but he does not regret anything!

Look, I opened the door for you!

Bought my dog ​​a cute stuffed toy

The dog stole the ball from his sister, and then sat on her head

One day he will become an old dog and, lying by the fireplace, will remember this moment with nostalgia.

My dog ​​was uncomfortable in bed and found a way out

Stole a toy from a neighbor’s cat and brought it home

All logs have been successfully destroyed! Now pet me

Let’s admit: deep down, we ourselves have always dreamed of doing this!

This oil was sooo tasty

She didn’t like the fact that we installed a protective partition at the stairs.

When the kitchen smells so good you can’t be polite

You are still in luck! My dog ​​just sits down and looks. Looks. Looks. It would be better if she behaved like that!

Went hunting and defeated a whole lion

I wanted them to sit side by side for a photo, but I got this

Dad has already come to terms with the fact that he will never be able to eat in peace.

Well, sometimes we all want to do something daring, but the dogs still manage to remain cute and charming.


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