12+ funny cases when animals did not want to be photographed and made it very clear to people

It would seem that the palm for the title of the most wayward animal belongs to cats. But other domestic and wild animals will easily compete with them in this competition for the main harm. Animals express their temper in any convenient situation, and there are always moments associated with attempts to take a photo with the participation of an animal. And sometimes fluffy models clearly hint to people that photographing them is not the best idea.

1. “How about a mustache, mistress?”

2. “I just wanted a cute vacation photo.”

3. “The day I decided to take a picture with a camel”

4. “My cat is protesting against selfies”

5. Yum!

Animals behave like radishes not only towards people, but also towards their fellows. Those who have encountered this will prove the harmful nature of pets and other animals !

6. Not a good day for a photo

7. “Let me fix your hair here”

8. “Only 33% of the animals in the picture want to be photographed.”

9. “Attempting to take a picture – I was bitten instead.”

10. “We wanted to take a photo of one of the dogs of our shelter.”

It seems he had other plans.

11. “Stop taking pictures already!”

12. Beauty and elegance

13. Dogs know how to make pictures more fun.

14. “Hello hostess!”

15. “Apparently, the otherworldly spirit inside my cat doesn’t like taking selfies.”

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