12+ people who met animals in the toilet, and this meeting will haunt them for a long time in nightmares

We love animals, but not all and only where they should be. I mean, you are unlikely to be happy with the sudden appearance of a rat or a snake. But this meeting will give you even less pleasure if it happens in the toilet. It sounds like a bad dream, but such stories did happen to people. Next, you will find 15 photos from people who met animals in the toilet, and this meeting will haunt them in nightmares for a long time.

A reason for nightmares

“Good morning, take a look at this cute rat that I found in my closet at 7:13 am, so cute that it’s my childhood fear in reality. She is resting”

“I thought the cat fell into the toilet, but I definitely didn’t expect this!”

A rattlesnake coming out of the toilet

“Well, I won’t be using this toilet in the near future.”

“My mom’s boyfriend found this snake under the toilet lid.”

“It might not be as creepy as finding a snake in the toilet, but I still wouldn’t want to feel it crawling up my buttocks.”

“Went to pee late at night in Arizona, and bumped into an unexpected guest.”

“This spider is just hanging out in the water of my toilet!”

Sewer Snake

Now this is this spider’s toilet

“I always thought it was my irrational fear .. Apparently not. I stumbled upon this in West Texas “

“I found this spider in my closet this morning.”

And finally, a comic story from a girl named Zoe Berman



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