12+ pets with cartoon eyes that could easily be Disney characters

Animals are adorable in nature and in most cases they don’t even have to try to charm us. But sometimes, in order to get a piece of delicious food or an extra walk on the street, they use their secret weapon – eyes that we humans simply cannot resist!

Do you agree that with such eyes she can get whatever she wants?

Siamese cuties

A void with anime-worthy eyes

Well, how can you refuse such a thing?

How can cats be so cute?

This is Alos, and he is a snow-white cross-eyed cat with the most mesmerizing multi-colored eyes

Even women will envy such eyelashes.

Not eyes, but two small saucers

All you can focus on are these eyes

Well, just a cutie!

“I am your most beautiful flower!”

Is this a real dog, not a cartoon?

“The muzzle she makes when my husband hugs her.”

“If Disney made a movie about cats who love fruits, Nimbus would be the main character there.”

He has the most innocent eyes

This kid could be one of Lady and the Tramp’s puppies

“Everyone says he looks like a Disney character. See for yourself”

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