12+ Times Pet Owners Went Way Too Far

You all love your pest and we know that, but do you love them enough to make a separate home for them? Or would you buy a remote-controlled car for giving them a ride of their own? There are some pet owners who will go all out to give everything to their pets.  Look at these images to see how far can pet parents go for their beloved babies.

1. Too bad they forget everything in a few seconds…

2. Is there a modeling agency for dogs?

3. What a life!

4. We hope it’s business class.

5. Does he have a driver’s license?

6. Masterpiece!

7. Let me cut the meat for you, dear.

8. This pooch doesn’t look too happy…

9. Looks like they’re about to fly.

10. What a queen!

11. Horrible bosses

12. What’s that plant for?

13. Hope this doesn’t end like The Little Red Riding Hood story.

14. It’s bedtime!

15. This looks like 2 in 1.

16. Is it a girl?

17. We bet Warhol would have loved it.

18. Family business

19. The little brother law


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