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12+ unfortunate pictures of the fauna in which these animals demonstrate all their foolishness


Everyone is accustomed to believe that in order to post a photo on the Internet, it must certainly be successful. But the Internet is an amazing space, where both good and bad shots are accepted with equal enthusiasm!

Today we have collected for you 16 photographs of wildlife representatives, in which there is no place for thoughtful compositions and successful angles, but only humor, unpretentiousness and a well-caught moment!

Never felt like a condemned fish before

The owl was left without lunch


In the car parking at 3 a.m.

Grace and beauty


On Facebook, you can find a whole group with unsuccessful pictures of wild animals, which has 411 thousand subscribers. And its popularity is quite simple to explain, because it gives people the opportunity to share their unsuccessful, sometimes unprofessional and low-quality pictures of wildlife and laugh heartily.

Equanimity Level: Woodpecker

When trying to get a nice shot of a deer in the rain


This floor makes me look fat

Maybe I need more photography practice


The difficulty and at the same time the beauty in photographing animals is that their actions are very unpredictable. And the chance to get at least one funny and ridiculous picture is pretty great.

Photographed this lazy boy

I can’t believe that I managed to catch the moment as the goose pinches the capybara


Time for drop dead stories

I got yelled at today


Photography should not only bring aesthetic pleasure, but also make us laugh heartily. And thanks to Crap wildlife photograph, we all have that opportunity!

You hid masterfully buddy

This hyena has chosen the best angle


I did not give permission to photograph myself

Caught this guy raiding a bird feeder at night


But not only wild animals can boast of their funny pictures, we also have unsuccessful photos of domestic cats, seeing which these pussies would say only one thing: “Udoli”!