12-year-old boy assembled a stroller for a puppy with a disability from a Lego constructor

A dog named Gracie was born without two front legs. When she was only a couple of days old, the owners simply threw her in the trash. It was only thanks to a miracle that she did not die. People heard the squeak of the animal and gave the puppy to the shelter.

A few days later, the little girl was taken to her by the Terney family. They downright specialize in helping dogs with disabilities. They already had a dog with three legs and another one that could not walk.

Gracie was surrounded by warmth and care. The baby didn’t need anything. The only thing that Terney could not come up with was a device for locomotion instead of the front legs.

Strollers for disabled dogs are created according to their size. The puppy is constantly growing, and it was too expensive to make several strollers for her at once. Dylan Turney, 12, had a Lego set. Then the boy came up with the idea of ​​making a stroller out of it.

The device came out with Dylan very convenient and compact. So that the dog was not harsh, the boy put a piece of foam rubber under the tummy. But the main thing is that the size of the stroller can be adjusted to the height of the dog. When Gracie becomes an adult and her growth stops, then it will already be possible to order a permanent and strong stroller.

The puppy quickly got used to the new device. Now Gracie runs briskly around the house and walks in the yard. As she grows older and the stroller becomes small, Dylan adds a few details and Gracie can move around again.

Gracie was born disabled and was doomed to death, but thanks to kind people she was saved, and now she can fully enjoy life in a house where she is very loved. Let every doggie on the street find its home.

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