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13+ cases when pets were caught right at the crime scene, but they did not even think to repent

Having a pet is the lot of the brave! After all, no matter how our cats, dogs and even cute rabbits try to behave well, sooner or later they will still commit some crime of a domestic scale, and the owner will have to deal with the consequences. And sometimes fluffy hooligans are so loose that they don’t even try to escape from the crime scene, and they are immediately caught red-handed: by a torn pillow, with a piece of stolen meat, in a flower tub … And all these moments also get into the photo. Well, let’s take a look!

Our dog tore the ball to shreds, and then put it on his head!

Photo proof that my boyfriend’s cat is stealing cookies

My dog ​​didn’t even spare his own bed

Is it a crime to eat a towel?

We left their kitchens for just a couple of minutes …

I understand that cats love the warmth of pizza. But why go straight into the box ?!

Well, I wasn’t going anywhere anyway

When you got caught and there is nothing left to lose

The cat complains about the raider takeover

He dropped the curtains, looked straight at me and started playing with them …

I think my dog ​​understands what this book is about.

The title of the book: “How to bring up a puppy with whom it will be convenient to live”

Standing with his paw in my coffee mug, he eats from my own bowl!

It was a brand new pillow.

So this is where all these puffs came from!

I don’t do anything, I don’t do anything!

When hiding the traces of a crime is already pointless

At this very second, my dog ​​noticed me

As you can see, these desperate pets do not even think about hiding – after all, they know that loving owners will forgive them everything!