13+ cats wrapped in headscarves that look like cute little grannies

What happens if you make the cat look like a grandmother? Granny, of course! What’s the easiest way to do this with just one element? Of course, use a classic scarf for this! The guys on the Babushkats Reddit thread are big fans of grandmothers, as this is where they publish cute cats wrapped in headscarves. We have collected for you 16 cats wrapped in kerchiefs that look like little cute grandmothers, and you are unlikely to see the same cuteness anywhere else today. They will not feed you with pies, and they will not slobber a handkerchief to wipe your face, no, they touch in a different way.


Classic granny

Grandma with a regular napkin

A cute cat also decided to try on a handkerchief

One of the most “grandmother” cats

The vintage granny who wants winter to end soon

Grandma in a bowl

Due to the lack of hair, this headscarf cat especially resembles a grandmother

Waiting for retirement


Grandmother in a red kerchief

In a lace handkerchief

Sitting on the heap

Grandma who disapproves of your behavior

“The mango began to purr intensely after putting on the headscarf.”

And finally, the cat with the most classic of all shawls


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