13+ curious cases of people, animals and objects reaching too high a level of disguise

What does it take to become a master of disguise? Sometimes it’s just pure coincidence! You may suddenly find that the print of the clothes is ideally combined with the nearest flower bed or the surrounding greenery, and the cats seem to have been specially chosen to match the color of the floor or blanket. We have collected for you 15 cases when people, animals and objects managed to merge too well with the environment.

Flowerbed shirt

Broken chair. Wait …

White cat, I lost you!

Find the phone on the photo

This is not an easy task, is it? Take a closer look, to the right of the table leg, where there is a blue stripe on the carpet.

Don’t step on the marble cat

Excellent color combination

Perfect disguise

Pants that match perfectly with the carpet print

The cat was quite difficult to find

Where are the legs?

I almost stepped on it

When you blend in perfectly with the surrounding atmosphere

My dogs are twins

Yes, there are two dogs in this picture! Can you find the second one? Take a closer look, it is a little higher than the first one.

Spent about 10 minutes looking for a sweater

Little living finger

We also have a selection of perfect random matches.

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