13+ huge cats that show who is the boss in the house by their appearance alone

What is the point of having a cat at home if you do not feed him his fill and a little more on top? Moreover, this fluffy cattle is not even against it and in every possible way initiates the process of gluttony. All that remains is not to interfere, more precisely, to help, and in a few months you will have a cat-snub, to the envy of all neighbors! These are all jokes, of course. In no case should you overfeed your pets. And not all cats are well-fed here. Some are hefty just by nature. Well, here and there the angle played along well.

Items placed side by side to compare scales

He’s big and fluffy and she’s happy

Big cats and petite girls look really good together!

How much joy there is in those eyes!

However, a man can also feed, if he is trained correctly!

A lot of food will go into such a head, that’s for sure!

It’s nice to take a really big cat in your arms!

And why did you buy such a small watermelon? Ah, is the watermelon normal, just a huge cat?

My! Favorite! Well-fed miracle!

Forget your golden ratio! The perfect figure is a ball! Come out, spherical monster!

Yes, such a well-fed creature is not very easy to carry.

The bigger the cat – the more “warmth” from him!

This still is and is – there is so long and skinny!

The picture seems to be fake

Food lovers can be seen from afar!

With such a mouth, but fish would be scooped out of the dam!

With such a mouth, but fish would be scooped out of the dam!

Would you like to feed the cat? He will take everything himself!

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