13+ incredible examples proving that nature is a real artist with a rich imagination

And no matter how many things people create with their own hands, no matter how many people have seen, nature will always find something to surprise us with. After all, she is a real artist, sculptor, architect and designer. In general, he is a jack of all trades, and even with such imagination that we can only envy and admire. We have compiled for you a selection of unusual, beautiful and amazing things that will prove it.

1. “A tree in my area where one branch is an apple tree and the rest is a normal tree.”

2. “I found a cicada with the McDonald’s logo”

3. “Today I found a face in a tree”

4. “This morning I found the smallest frog I have ever seen in my entire life.”

5. Succulents create art composition on the wall

6. An army of little grasshoppers in my friend’s garden

7. Gradient moss

8. The bark of this Tibetan cherry tree looks like copper

9. Hygrocybe variegated – an amazing mushroom that looks like a jelly

10. “My wife found this tiny skink in our garden. A little brightness on a gray day “

11. Whole colony of scattered dung beetle

12. Vietnamese moss frog

13. A leaf that looks like a meteorological map

14. This is what a bee looks like in pollen

15. Sad cave

16. Rare bloom in the Atacama Desert in Chile


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