14+ animals who were turned into Disney characters, and thus increased their mimicry to a dangerous level

In Disney cartoons, all the characters look miraculous as cute – except for the villains, of course. An artist from the Netherlands named Isa decided that this style would be best suited for portraits of pets. After all, their natural charm, multiplied by the girl’s talent, give an incredible result. And you can admire her works endlessly!

1. Kid named Tyson

2. Frito

3. Little Juniper

4. The bear grows and turns into a real gentleman

5. Beanie is a cute and talented rabbit

6. Vinnie seems to be born to play the Lady in the movie “Lady and the Tramp”

Winnie has already managed to beat a bunch of hearts. Still, because her eyelashes will be the envy of both people and even Disney princesses!

7. Bailey and Loki

8. Rexi

9. Liberty or Libby for short

10. Lovely soft hippo Dora

11. Lilo and her little friend McFlurry

Friendship between animals always looks so charming that she just wants to be touched endlessly. If you have a lack of facial expressions in your body, then here are some photos of animal friendship that will cheer you up even on the saddest day.

12. Delty

13. Fox named Elmwood

14. Sue and the foster kitten she cares about

15. Hoshiko and his fluffiest cheeks

16. Luxurious Maleficent

17. Momo and Georgie

If you like to look at Isa’s work the same way we do, then here you can see her other drawings!

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