14+ cases when people met a fox where they did not expect it. But everyone was happy!

What could be better than pictures of adorable chanterelles? Only photos of chanterelles unexpectedly invading your life! Verified, and we have at least 17 confirmations of this. In some regions, foxes often come to people for food, entertainment, or just good company.

Here are pictures from the series “There shouldn’t be a fox here, but here it is!”

1. “I think someone fell in love with my Christmas decoration.”

2. “It’s too hot for chanterelles in London today!”

3. “Found a fox getting high on the porch lol”

4. “We were kayaking down the river and this little guy joined us when we were having lunch! Who knew foxes were so friendly “

5. Fox likes this car!

6. “If I fit, I will lie down.”

7. “The little fox who comes to my grandmother’s backyard has a friend, and now they are playing catch-up.”

Running foxes are admittedly cute, but what about flying foxes? Many people think they are not cute, but after looking through our selection , you will by no means agree with this!

8. “Our local fox is getting bolder.”

9. “Found a young fox resting at my house”

10. “This fox came to visit me when I was sunbathing on a beach in the Netherlands.”

11. “This fox was found sleeping in a parked city bus in my city.”

12. “This guy often visits my colleague.”

13. “A gorgeous fox came to visit me at my country house.”

By the way, standard foxes are good, and Tibetan foxes are incredible. Just look at them!

14. “Once I went into the kitchen and found a fox who decided to sneak into the house and take a nap in the microwave.”

15. “One of the foxes who regularly visit our garden. Bristol, UK “

16. “The fox who comes to our supper almost every evening around six.”

17. “I’ve found a new friend!”


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