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14+ dogs caught in the act, one of whom is ashamed, while others have no regrets

Dogs, in most cases, behave very well-mannered and delicate, especially if you look at them. But as soon as you leave the room or, oh God, leave them alone at home, the demon-destroyer infiltrates the dogs, forcing them to gnaw their shoes and break furniture. Of course, they do it not out of malice and their guilty faces talk about it. Although some of them are not really ashamed at all.

Knowledge is power

“No sir, I don’t know who did it”

Grocery thief

He was caught red-handed

“Someone ate my yogurt”

“Mom, look what the cat did”

“Dad, are you back yet?”

Who made this mess?

“Mom is not what you think”

“I’m not sure what happened here, Sergeant. It is so difficult to solve such crimes … “

“Zion tore our nephew’s ball to shreds and now wears it like in Silence of the Fucking Lambs.”

“Left for a couple of hours, and returned to the torn chair. Someone feels a little guilty “

“I agreed to look after my friend’s dog while he was on vacation and came back to it after I left for my grandmother’s birthday. I was gone for a maximum of 2 hours “

“She knows what she did”

“What pillow?”

“I ate chalk and now I’m a sad dog”

“He was alone for the first time, and we went to work. SO proud of him “

“I think you probably want to know that we urgently need a new fence, Mom.”

“Oh god, who ate the hole in the door? I’ll look for evidence “