14+ examples of when dogs solemnly trampled on the title of smart and quick-witted animals

Experts know well and recommend not to keep emotions in yourself, not to accumulate tension. It is better to go to an amusement park once a week and return to childhood, have fun from the heart and do not care what passers-by think about an adult uncle or aunt! It is possible and more often, if necessary, and the example should be taken from our smaller brothers, who can be infinitely smart at work and outright fools on a walk!

Catch your tail at any cost!

Who’s Afraid of a Banana? And here, there is a doggie here.

Mimics and actors – this is also about them

Hit the ball right into the rebellious soul!

How many did not teach, but he has never caught a plate

And under the guise of pranks, they are doing their revenge! You will know how to hide sweets!

Gymnastics, let alone spontaneous, is very useful!

Well, isn’t he a fool? Oh, sorry, nowadays it is customary to say “special”!

Hopa, and I’m already here! Don’t slow down, let’s go play!

Curl up so that it seems – broke, they know how

Mistress! Mistress, yo-mayo! What are you doing without me?

On-site inspection! Do not move, do not blink, do not close your mouth!

Why didn’t you say that it is ice? !!

Either a complete dunce, or a charming handsome

Chew your carrots yourself! Crackle even to the point of losing consciousness! It’s not easy to fool me!

It seems that the doggie is sad – it has been sitting like that for a minute

Don’t you dare shoot me, paparazzi unfinished!


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