14+ funny furry passengers who took a ride on transport and touched everyone around them

In the event that you once traveled (in the distant, distant times …), then the current state of affairs should be a real torment for you. You would surely give a lot for this sweet moment when you sit on the plane and wait with anticipation when you land and find yourself in another country. For now, let’s take a look at the precious photographs of pets traveling in our place.

Of course, such a pet will not seem cute to everyone, but that his appearance on the subway will surprise anyone, that’s for sure

Train of happiness

When it seems that animals just can’t be cuter, they still manage to surpass themselves.

“I saw this picture when I was traveling by train to Manchester.”

Fluffy passenger

This rescued dog, heading to his new home, took his own place on the ferry.

“I was sitting next to this happy kid on the plane, and I was not so scared.”

Best friends

“I was on the subway and met this adorable. He’s just lovely! “

German passengers were in for a surprise when they met a pony in the Berlin subway

Fluffy stowaway

“My friend saw this cutie on the subway.”

Passenger pigeon

“This guy will definitely make the flight so much more enjoyable! He’s so happy to fly. “

“I am a flight attendant and this was my first passenger this morning. She made my day! Meet Zuri “


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