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14+ hardworking cats who are willing to honestly work out their bowl of food

Contrary to popular belief, cats are very hardworking creatures. The main thing is to motivate correctly! For example, some friends promised the cat a half-saucer of sour cream for each pest caught. And literally over the summer there were no mice left at the dacha – he worn out everyone! But there are other types of activities where cats successfully realize themselves. And they work tirelessly.

The first day at the office is the hardest

Flight attendant on a private flight. While the passengers are asleep, you can take a nap yourself.

This cat is still just studying, he is a student of the Polytechnic University

They took a new secretary and she quickly put things in order with the papers

Working from home: morning planning session in full swing

IT cats are not uncommon these days. They are very partial to computers.

In the future he will be a veterinarian, and now a trainee

And this is our charming barista

Scientist cat, modern version

Truck driver assistant nicknamed Butters. Always ready to replace if needed.

Kitty gamer getting ready for the next tournament

A young teacher is afraid to go to the children in class

But a seasoned taxi driver is looking out for another client13

You won’t be able to skip workouts with such a fitness trainer.

The same “Galya, cancellation!” from the supermarket

We have not yet studied such a posture in yoga. Thanks for the science, guru!

Why are you standing, blinking your eyes? Choose a watermelon!

Well, everyone, we have worked for half an hour, it’s time to rest!