14+ photos of cute animals and ferocious predators that prove nature has no prejudices

Nature is unique and multifaceted, which is why it is so interesting to study it. And she can also create creatures so opposite in appearance that it is simply amazing! In nature, you can find both cute animals, whose appearance only brings a smile, and harsh animals, which are better off not getting in the way. It is these polar opposite animals that await you further.

A miniature fennec fox that will touch anyone

Golden eagle, reinforced itself with an additional claw

Perfectly round beauty called chinchilla

This South American harpy could play a villain in a James Bond movie

It looks like a molting arctic fox 

“Come on, jump in my mouth!”

Nature creates the best patterns

The turkey vulture’s nostrils are not separated by a septum, so you can see through its head

It’s not for nothing that these animals are called fat lorises.

Adult king cobra and its offspring

Severe predator

If you didn’t know, this is exactly what newborn hedgehogs look like.

And these babies are none other than bunny green eggs that look like emoticons.

Terrifying Giant Monkfish

This is how coyote puppies learn to howl

And this bird is a gigantic nightjar, and it looks dashing

Fortunately, there are also charms in nature. For example, baby meerkats 

Leopard seal under the ice

Two huge elephant seals fighting among the penguins

This pink maple moth looks like a toy

Darkwater dweller


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