14+ times cats, dogs and other animals acted like complete idiots and it’s fun

We love animals, they are cute and funny, and they can also be jerks, which makes watching them even funnier.

This is what the face of a tomato soup thief looks like.

“My dog ​​crawls into closets and then brings me the things he finds. She genuinely wonders when I’m not happy about it.”

“He’s already smashed two flowerpots … and it’s not even our cat.”

He just wanted to bring a wand

“I’m just trying to do my homework.”

Tiger stretching

Triple Crazy Dinner

“Dad installed a new toilet. We left for a few minutes, and when we returned we saw it.”

When catnip takes over

I’m a loaf of bread. I’m a loaf of bread. I’m a loaf of bread …

Seems to have a flat tire

Ready for takeoff

“I found my cat sleeping with panties on its face”

Great hat, cat!

We all have days when we just want to put a glass on our head and think about the meaning of life.

Where else to stick your ass, if not on your friend

She’s just lovely

This is what a catnip overdose looks like.

The foreground dog’s face speaks for itself.

This is where over-curiosity leads.


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