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14+ touching photos of pets, which do not feed with sweets, but let them cuddle with the owners

When starting a pet, be prepared not only to clean up and feed it, but also to cuddle at every opportunity. After all, the love of the owner is the first need of the pets (well, after eating, of course). And do not try to dodge slobbering kisses and attempts to climb into your lap – this is how dogs and cats express their boundless adoration!

1. “My travel companion is kissing me!”

2. “Someone was very happy to see us”

3. There are no uncomfortable places for cats

4. Convenience and comfort

5. “My husband didn’t want a cat.”

Now we have a cat that looks at her husband with loving eyes.

6. “She meows until they let her put her paws on my spouse.”

7. “Second night together”

8. “Gotcha”

9. Who else is walking whom

10. Warmed up

11. “Hugs are needed not only for cats and dogs”

12. “When I picked him up, I was told that he loves to hug.”

13. “What kind of face does my dog ​​build when he walks with me in the presence of my girlfriend?”

14. “Meet Heisenberg”

I am a man who is 185 centimeters tall and weighs 136 kilograms. It’s almost as huge.

15. “I won’t let you go anywhere, master”

Pets love not only to hug, but also to spoil their owners’ photos – here are 15 fluffy proofs !