15+ animals that slept in the most uncomfortable places

The expression “sleep without hind legs” was invented by a man, although it is much more applicable to our younger brothers. They have both front and hind legs, but none of this matters when you really want to sleep. The Lemurov.net editors are sure that the animals from this collection are quite comfortable, although at first glance it seems quite the opposite.

No, he is not angry

What am I – a sybarite, to sleep in a crib?

Envy man, you can’t do that

Flew straight into a dream

Convenient place, whatever you say

Let’s eat and sleep. Lyapota!

I’m not a cat, but I love the box

No need for an exorcist!

Settled down and okay

I don’t like the new furniture too much

I know that my master will not disturb my sleep

Paws dangled – and snore!

Conveniently thought up

It still smells warm and sausages

Sweet dream baby

Center of gravity stabilized

Redhead and shameless

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