15+ cases when people managed to photograph wild animals, but it turned out so badly that it was even good

Dear friends! Now your attention will be presented with incredible photos of wildlife! And if after these words you expect to see graceful cheetahs or majestic elephants, then we hasten to destroy your expectations, because these will be pictures taken by ordinary people, and the animals on them turned out, to put it mildly, unsuccessfully. But that’s the beauty of it! Now you will be convinced of this.

1. Goose in shock

2. Good morning!

3. Long-eared seagull

4. Hello!

During lunch, the doorbell rang, then we looked out and saw this guy. What does he want?

5. Bears rode a bicycle

6. When you want to photograph a squirrel, but the cat is against

7. Graceful and graceful flight of the heron

8. When they say that you are too dramatic


10. Something went wrong

11. “Our kennel, but not our dog”

It’s a possum, and they always seem to scream and, as you can see, may take the dog’s house or eat your cat’s food. Not to be confused with the possums – cuties from Australia.

12. “This is for me, right?”

13. Oil painting: “Three owls look at a girl playing under a tree”

14. Here’s to you all!

15. Runs, yells

16. “Are you filming me?”

17. “They won’t let you scratch!”

18. When you know a lot about posing

And here you can see another selection of unsuccessful photos of animals, but this time their heroes are pets.

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