15+ dogs with such cute cheeks that you just want to pat them for them

There is not the slightest doubt – dogs are insanely cute, and they deserve all the attention of the Internet and simply have to move cats off the pedestal. Well, judge for yourself, dogs are so adorable that sometimes their owners can’t resist rubbing their cheeks and sharing these photos on the web.

“My good boy is only 3 months old, and he already has such big and damn cool cheeks!” 

Stretching at height!

“When he was sick, he lost a lot of weight. He has some extra skin that looks pretty cute.”

Jackson’s Mighty Roar

“Mistress, you have absolutely nothing to do?”

How do you like this chipmunk?

“Dorothy’s elastic face. I love her cheeks”

“Well, what’s so funny? Leave my cheeks alone and let me eat “

This guy is clearly pleased with himself. 

This is elasticity 

And the husky turns … into a cute bunny!

And the husky turns … into a cute bunny!

Snow-white beauty

If only the dogs themselves knew how to smile like that! 

Who needs pancakes? 

“People are strange”

BONUS: And this big guy has great cheeks stretching even without help. 


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