15+ funny photos of dogs and cats who decided to forget about good manners, because they can be forgiven for everything

Many owners consider their pets to be the cutest, most polite and obedient. But, let’s be honest, people themselves often forget about good manners and the rules of decency, and what can we say about cats and dogs? Anything happens to pets: they do not want to share food and personal space with someone, shamelessly look after the owners in the bathroom and brazenly take the most convenient places. And yes, they probably know perfectly well how to behave correctly. They just don’t!

My cat strenuously protects his personal space

I got up from the chair – I lost my place

I took a whole baguette from the table so as not to share with anyone

When you desperately try to be goody

She knows very well that one cannot lie down on clean clothes, but, apparently, one foot does not count.

The cat’s face speaks for itself

My new partner is behaving completely inappropriate!

I heard the dog calling for help – it turned out that he could not get through because of the arrogant brother

My cat is always aware of other people’s secrets

They come to me every time to watch me take a shower

Every, every time. I don’t understand why this is so addicting!

What did you say there about personal space?

Tried to play mahjong with my family, but someone didn’t care

At least your cats just look at you in the bathroom …

Even strict museum rules don’t apply to everyone

Help us preserve history. Please do not use this furniture.

Sits on the steps and howls until I open the door and let him in. And this is not my dog!

Life did not prepare me for such a road situation

Stealing cream from a pie is the best compliment for a hostess!

We urge you not to take an example from furry violators and always remember good manners!

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