15 funny photos that prove that pets always have something to surprise their owners and those around them

Loving owners quickly get used to the nature and habits of their pets, and it would seem that nothing can surprise them. But no, it turns out that dogs and cats have a lot of surprises in store! Sometimes fluffy friends amaze with their behavior or a sudden turn of events: dogs sit down to watch TV in the absence of the owner, the cat decides to give birth to kittens right under the New Year tree, and someone’s puppy surprises absolutely unintentionally and suddenly grows to huge sizes. Who said that pets don’t know how to show imagination and make surprises?

My cat made a hole in the box for the tail

Since we got a new dog, they are constantly fighting for our attention.

The question is not even how he got there, but why is there a piece of ham on it ?!

My colleague decided to look on cameras how his dogs are doing there.

He did not quite imagine their leisure in his absence.

Wait, is this thing for kids?

Went on a hike with the dog and turned away literally for a couple of minutes

Every time I think that her insolence will certainly not go further, something like this happens.

I swear this is not a production – I just walked into the room and saw it!

Well, it’s not for nothing that they say that dogs are in every way similar to their owners.

I didn’t think he would start getting involved with girls so early

I am a teacher at school, and today my dog ​​ran away from home and came to my work.

My cat decided to give birth to kittens right under the tree

For some reason our dog is a wild zucchini fan

I think I have the most unusual cat in the whole world.

He likes to sit NOT in a box.

And in general, who said that only cats like boxes?

They gave grandfather a puppy that was supposed to grow into a “small dog”

Yes, definitely pets can surprise them as well – but that’s why we love them!




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