15+ hilarious photos proving cats are the biggest fools

Cat owners may want to ask their pets to leave the room for a few minutes. We’re going to prove to you once again that some cats can be some of the biggest assholes on planet Earth. And no, this is not just dog-funded propaganda to win you over to the good boys and girls! It just really is.

“He’s on a diet. But he doesn’t like it at all. “

“I spent a week putting together this puzzle.”

“I turned away for a minute, and she did it. There were 20 glasses of raw rice. “

“My cat fell asleep in my salad”

“He deliberately lies down there to scare to death those who descend the stairs.”

“That’s why we can’t have good things in our house.”

“My wife and I switched places, and as soon as we got out, our cat Diesel stepped on a button and blocked the door.”

“I love wool in my morning coffee!”

“Our cat went crazy while we were not at home. We came back and saw that she tore up a pack of buns and took a bite of every tiny bite. “

“We deliberately removed the cake higher so that the cat would not sit on it. But he doesn’t care “

“I needed to use the toilet, I went in and saw it.”

It’s hard to work when there is a cat next to you

“My cat, sound asleep with the last piece of the puzzle. We were looking for him for 10 minutes “

“Thanks dude”

Admires his handicraft

“I woke up to the sound of breaking glass … Damn cat!”

“Don’t worry, the cat is fine. She knocked over the mug, which hit the glass. “

“She jumped onto the table to beg for food. I tried to remove it. She didn’t like it. “

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