15+ insanely funny and cute dog photos that can bring a smile even on the gloomiest day

Who can cheer a person, even if the whole world seems dreary and dull? Of course, his beloved dog, if any! And we will not even refer to the well-known phrase that a dog is a friend of man, you already know that. And the four-legged can make such funny faces that no one can refrain from smiling. We have collected for you pictures of dogs, which once again showed how funny they can be.

Stop working! I need attention!

I’m a kid too!

Someone has done a very stupid thing


What is this plant?

Everything is perishable

When you really like to dig

Illusion dog

Here you will not immediately figure out where her nose is, where her ear is, and where other parts of her body are. We also have an interesting post where a raven pretends to be a rabbit. Or a rabbit with a raven … Deal with it yourself!

They ask me what is wrong with him … I myself have been trying to figure it out for 8 years

Windy day

The client is ready for a bath day

When the day is not going well

My dog ​​always has something sticking to its nose and doesn’t notice it.

This is my favorite photo. This went on for five minutes, until the wind blew off the feather.

Flying dog

I always tell her to put her tongue out, but she doesn’t listen

How can you say no to this little face?

Every day her expressions become more wonderful

Dogs can not only make people laugh, but also masterfully spoil family photos. We have a selection on this topic.



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