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15+ people who took their dogs to the groomer and were unrecognizable

They say that a good haircut never hurts, because it can really make a difference. And this happens in almost any context, so pets are not at all exempt from the matter. And it is that canine groomers definitely know very well what they do, in addition to loving their craft, because the results always leave everyone who visits them more than pleased.

The truth is that these canine art experts do know how to make their four-legged clients (as well as their owners) extremely happy with the result. And it is that pet groomers not only cut their hair and clean them, but also sometimes they usually place ornaments such as decorative bows, which make us die of tenderness with so much beauty together.

This is how many of these pet owners were melted with love when they saw the result obtained in their adorable puppies, which have also made it possible for us to live a beautiful moment when we come across such beautiful images.

That is why below we are going to present you 18 adorable photos that show the before and after of these beautiful dogs, when they arrived at the canine salon and how they turned out to be handsome and pampered by the experts in dog styling.

1) Someone around here has not been very happy to say with the new haircut that they did at the hairdresser.

2) My dog ​​is 12 years old now, but he has run excited all day like a puppy after visiting his groomer whom he had not seen for months due to the pandemic.

3) Something definitely a lot of fun to watch.

4) Sometimes it is common that we have to start from scratch.

5) Do we all agree that this little friend just stole all our love?

6) This is what a little shnauzer’s first haircut looks like.

7) Our dog had a few knots and my husband wanted to give him a new haircut.

8) This is what my beloved Kevin looks like after almost 9kg of hair less with his new haircut.

9) I went on a business trip and left my dog ​​with my aunt and she decided to give her hair a new style.

10) You are happy with the first haircut you have ever had.

11) A good boy deserves a completely perfect eyeliner, don’t you think?

12) She is simply my adorable pet Brittany.

13) I’m not entirely sure if the groomer gave me the right dog back.

14) These are the photos that my girlfriend sends me all the time, who is dedicated to canine styling.

15) You will no longer collide with everything in front of you because you finally received your well-deserved haircut.

16) She was absolutely gorgeous and sparkling after her first visit to the dog groomer.

17) The before and after of Leo after taking him to the dog groomer.

18) I’m a dog groomer and this little guy got a little love today.