15+ pets that cosplay and parody their owners

With whom you lead, from that you will pick up – we ourselves do not notice how our animals adopt our habits. True, they have paws, so it turns out not very well, but they are trying! And every effort should be encouraged, albeit by publishing their “exploits” on our site for fun. Well, watching them is a sheer pleasure.

Helps the owner

Oh, this fashion for tight pants! And what to do with the beer belly, one wonders?

Strange brother and sister ritual – different color, but common parents

However, it turns out that many dogs toil with such nonsense.

Be more active, fight your way into the front row!

What an insidious grin! What is she up to?

We all would like to be in the place of this cat!

If you cannot stretch the legs, you have to twist

What a fun holiday. Yeah.

So what? The owners of the house do the same!

And a paw slightly forward to show off unobtrusively

Reaction to the words “hey, let’s get acquainted”

Standard response to persuasion to sit upright

I can only “dog waltz”, and even then – in theory

They came up with tubes with glasses here, the rabbit already can’t drink




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