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15+ proofs you never know if an animal will like swimming or not

In the wild, almost none of the animals likes to take a bath, because the water washes away an important smell for them, as well as a protective layer of dirt and grease. It’s good for human skin to be clean, and even then conditionally, but elephants like to sprinkle sand on themselves. Falling out in the mud is a chance to get rid of fleas, ticks and other parasites. But these are general rules, and no one knows in advance how it will be there in practice.

The kitten was offended for a long time, because he did not understand why this watery disgrace was done to him. But when he dried up, he looked at himself in the mirror …

She loves to swim, but so that water does not get into her ears, it is necessary to put on a hat

And what sacrifices will you make for the sake of beauty?

The first bathing requires special preparation, first of all – moral!

We said there that elephants love to shower themselves with sand … we forgot to mention that they also love water terribly

Silent protest against bathing

And the hedgehog, it seems, does not mind

Teddy bear? No, it’s just that the puppy is wet!

Your slippers will be three times wetter than I am now!

One way to smooth out the moment is to take care of your pet’s ears.

Bathing a calf in a city bath? Perverts!

This is exactly who loves to swim! And the dog looks and does not understand anything.

This is some kind of completely, completely wrong cat

And why did you wash the chicken, why did you wash the chicken ?!

Concentration of anger and grief!

We bet you’ve become jealous now? We are very envious – such relaxation!