16 animals that got into a man’s house straight from the wild and decided to stay

Scientists argue about how exactly the process of domestication of animals by humans took place in ancient times. It’s one thing to pick up a wolf cub or a lynx kitten and feed it, tame it. And it is quite another to establish the cultivation and exploitation of many species. But the main thing we know for sure, a wild creature can be made “civilized”! And here are examples of such migrants who left forests and swamps to stay with a person.

On guard of order. With such a security guard, the area is always calm.

Raccoon eats his man’s peanut butter

They seem to be friends. If not, then you would not sleep so sweetly together.

The rescued squirrel takes a break from the stressful experience

Squirrel Jimmy was found in the attic when they were disinfecting. The parents did not return for him and the baby was left in the house.

Mila Banksy almost got hit by a car, but now he’s fine

The cat became a foster mother or nanny for a tiny squirrel

Sable was waiting for the fate of a fur product, but he was rescued from a fur farm

Trimming the claws of a badger is difficult, but in general – a normal domestic animal.

The lizard, which the owner of the house rescued from the web of a huge spider, now meets him at the doorstep every morning

And this hare was taught to pose in front of the camera and now he has a new hobby.

Squirrels rescued from the hollow of a tree felled by a hurricane

The little crow, sick and dying, has grown into a strong and loyal crow

The bat was cured and grew up thanks to this man. Now he constantly flies to visit.

A year ago, he was blind, naked and helpless. And now look what a shiny face!

Sugar possum loves to sleep in the palm of the hostess


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