16+ Dogs Who Have Aced The Art of Camouflage

We all have lived the phase in our life when we used to hide from our parents after doing something wrong. If you have kids in the house, you still probably know what we are talking about. Did you try to camouflage yourself in the most obvious spots in your house. Well, the whole idea is that if a person can’t see you, then you can’t see them.

Dogs are also well-know for having this behaviour. They will hide at the most obvious spots where you can easily locate them. Today, we bring you some images showing dogs masting the art of camouflage shared by dogs owners on the Internet. Do share with us if you have had similar incidences with your dogs in the comment section.

1. Welcome to Dognald. How may I serve you today?

2. “They can never find us here”

3. “Come find me hooman”

4. Can you tell which one’s the real doggo?

5. “Pitch black. No one can ever find me here”

6. “But that’s where the TVs remote hide too”

7. God. This has got to be one of the best camoflague I have seen!

8. It’s funny that they can’t even see me.

9. Can you find the doggo in it?

10. “Help, I just came to hide but I’m stuck I think”

11. Ah, a perfect hiding spot. A toilet roll, which is covering my eyes.

12. Someone’s preparing to give us a jumpscare…

13. Go away, I don’t wanna see you right now.

14. Just a doggo trying to hide inside the jacket.

15. If I just hide my face, I won’t be able to see my hooman which means…

16. Not sure if he’s trying to hide or looking through the window.

17. “Are you looking for something?”

18. I thought you don’t like to read so this would be the perfect hiding spot.

19. “I am going to be the laundry guy today”


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