16 incredibly funny cats who can’t pose for a photo at all

Photogenic, it is or is not. But even if there is, any shot can be easily ruined by a bad gesture or a grimace. It is especially offensive if you are a beautiful fluffy cat, and in the photo you get a shaggy oryasina. And harmful people also specially collect such incorrect pictures as part of the #unflatteringcatphotochallenge in order to make the whole world laugh at the pussies. They have no conscience!

I’ll eat it now

I was preparing to yawn, but did not have time

Exploiting a black cat as a backlit stand

Strange, and why are some people so afraid of sphinxes?

The hard path to freedom from the depths of a tight bag

And you can’t lick your nose, so you are jealous!

Tumbler cat, large ass

And do not persuade, I will not wash!

That kicked in! It was stuck so that there are no words! Some glitches before your eyes!

Wicked tongue-tied, so let’s write it down

But he was not just dumbfounded! He sees what is inaccessible to us!

Has the exorcist been summoned yet? Hurry! Hurry!

The many-legged kitty spider or the new monster of our area

Yes, I would like to be a giraffe. Is it so noticeable?

So, Blackie won’t pour any more. No valerian or anything else.

Do you recognize the cute little one? And this is it, yes!

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