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16+ people who were fooled by their eyes and saw something different from what it really was

Of course, you saw it too. Clouds in the form of animals, a garbage bag crumpled in such a way that it looks like someone’s face and the tricks of a perspective that makes you see what is not in reality. All this is funny and exciting, so hurry up to see photos from people who saw familiar images and faces where they were not at all present.

“The girl in my class looked like a dog from this angle. I couldn’t help but photograph it.”

This sweet potato flower looks like little Groot heads.

Hippopotamus-like rock

This purple carrot looks like a bartender ready to take your order and listen to your concerns.

“My blanket is folded in such a way that it looks like a man in a hat.”

“I baked muffins, and this snail-shaped piece of burnt dough scared the hell out of me.”

“A peacock-eye flew into our house, I took a picture of her, and only then I realized that she looked like a cartoon fox”

“The lucky buffalo I found in the dentist’s office.”

“After my 17th heart attack, I finally realized that I really needed to rearrange the lamp.”

A flock of starlings turned into a horse, which, you see, you rarely see in the sky

“My nail polish cracked and turned into a hunched man and a gorilla.”

This stone looks like a sock

“A drop of my coffee dripped on a saucer, turning into a dove.”

I wonder what shade of lipstick this pussy is wearing?

“My sweet potato looks like a sea lion. So cute.”

“I raised my eyes to the sky and saw a cloud in the form of a snail.”

Where are the rest of the Ice Age gang?

“I woke up with these two laughing in my patio.”