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16+ pets that are very lucky with their owners, because they are ready to pamper them like little children

All pet owners know what a great responsibility has fallen on their shoulders from the moment they got tailed friends. But, apparently, loving people are not at all afraid of this, because they are ready not only to surround their four-legged friend with warmth and care, but also to pamper him in all sorts of ways!

Today we have collected 17 happy pets for you, whose owners love their cats and dogs so much that they are ready to buy, find and build anything for them!

This Christmas I made portraits of them from wood for my pets.

Made hooks in the hallway for dog collars

We made an outdoor tent bed for our dog to protect it from the scorching sun

I made a Christmas tree with my own hands that would suit both my girlfriend and our cat

I bought a cute cardboard house for my kitten

Many people tend to show their care and love through pleasant and valuable gifts. And the heroes of our today’s collection were lucky to become pets of just such owners!

For the first time in 14 years, my cat actually uses what I bought for him.

My brother made dog windows in his fence

I bought my friend a special car seat for animals

A friend of mine opened a gallery at his cat’s stall

A miniature tent I bought for my cat

Some of these purchases may not be necessary for the pet or for the owner at all. But if the gift did not go unnoticed by the pet, then such pampering is more than justified!

Special carrier backpack for the cat

I found crocs for dogs!

My Uzi’s birthday cake

My aunt bought a kayak for her dog

I made a home gym for my cat

These pets can really be called the real lucky ones!

My dog ​​doesn’t like rain or snow in his eyes while walking. And my dad bought him glasses for Christmas