16+ Photos Proving That Our Pets Are Adorable Weirdos

If you are living with a pet, you don’t need any entertainment in your life because your daily dose of drama is always there for you. Pets are definitely cutest but their not-so-normal actions make us laugh so hard without even trying.

It almost feels like our pets have this weird ability that can amaze us anytime and anywhere. If you want to see how pets can surprise their owners, just keep scrolling.

1. “No way, you’re fitting in there.” — “Watch me!”

2. The cutest audience ever

3. “I’ve made a huge mistake…”

4. A new, unique cat reading lamp design is now available.

5. “So, I’m here. Where’s my reward?”

6. Please enable the “auto-rotate” screen.

7. I don’t see any resemblance, do you?

8. “We’re going out for a picnic, we won’t belong…”

9. “A Labrador labradoing what a labradog labradoes.”

10. Posing like a doggo.

11. TGI Friday at the office

12. Spot the dogs. Oh, yes, there’s another one!

13. “Now that I ate it all, I need a good nap.” And that’s what he did.

14. “Don’t bother me. Just doing my regular gymnastics.”

15. Another fabulous Instacat influencer

16. “The ground is lava.”

17. “Look, mom! My own bathtub!”

18. “Yes, cat service? I think my cat is broken!”

19. Beware, there is a knight in the house.

20. We found out who the alpha male is in this house.

21. A new way of riding a horse by Doggie the Sleeping Dog

22. “I found a seal in my bathroom.”

Bonus: The bat-cat

If you also have any such adorable pictures of your pets, you can share them with us. We would love to see them. XOXO

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