16+ ridiculous dogs someone needs to explain that dogs don’t behave like that

If you once had a dog or now you are the owner of this four-legged friend, you will probably agree that doggies can be silly, stubborn and strange, which makes us think that they, like cats, are from another planet. But, their behavior, whatever it may be, is always very funny, and now you will understand it.

“Okay, one photo, but try not to look like a tourist.”

He is not very happy to be in a tuxedo.

Say “syyyyr”!

“How my dogs prefer to doze …”

This dog saw something!

He is clearly unhappy with his suit.

“This is how she sits when she protects the house from thieves and murderers.”

And then this dog realized that he was not a cat

She did not appreciate the bath procedures

“The day I left for college, I took my dog ​​for one last walk. I was late and couldn’t take her to her favorite park. This is what her protest looked like. “

“I have 3 pillows on my bed, but my dog ​​still prefers to sleep on my face.”

She was pleased with this “

“She shouldn’t lie on the couch, but when the pillow hits the floor, she doesn’t miss a chance.”

“He’s a special boy”

When you’re kind of like a dog, but you feel like a headgear

Pizza time!

Four stages of brushing your husky: 1. Shock. 2. Denial. 3. Acceptance. 4. Complacency

“Her favorite vacation spot”


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