16+ shots that reveal the world of wildlife from an unusual angle

Most of the people living today saw the animals only on the screen, because even the zoo is too lazy to go. In addition, everyone there is well-groomed, well-fed and well-mannered – some kind of parody of wildlife and nothing more. But in fact, the world outside of civilization and the creatures that inhabit it are much more interesting than we are shown! Anyway, in the wild there is always something that you have not heard of.

Nature was probably inspired by Picasso’s paintings when she created this bug.

A small frog that looks more like a moss bush

This owl looks very wise. There is no doubt that I have seen everyone in this life.

If you’ve never seen a little capybara before, here it is.

This turtle species is found in the Mary River, Australia and is critically endangered.

All drakes are like drakes, and only this one from childhood dreamed of becoming a basketball player

Antelope horns are an excellent base for cobwebs. In addition, she runs and catches flies there herself!

Huge, incredibly blue, viciously biting crab, nicknamed “the palm thief”

They say that if such a bug hits the head on the fly, you can lose consciousness.

When I didn’t have time to lose weight by the summer, and they started taking pictures of you

For some reason, the butterflies really liked this tree.

Python with amazing color!

The coal-black monitor lizard is a beautiful beast!

In the wild, an albino owl is doomed, but this one was lucky – people saved it

This huge caterpillar will hatch a royal nut moth

Sleepy hour – lionesses have chosen a place to rest

Although it looks like a toy, the whip snake is real and alive


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